Living for decades in close proximity to Nature, the interplay of space, light, form and natural cycles lend insights to Teresa's perceptions and creative acts. The works reflect the alchemical interchange that occurs between personal myth, the universal archetypes of her subject matter-water, space & landforms- and the subtle shifting of consciousness as it continuously redefines these perceptions. Consideration of open, tactile space is a constant throughout the work. Whether it is painting or photography, the textural surfaces, layers of translucent colour and spatial relationships, all play an intrinsic role in the warp and weave of the narrative. Teresa's work emerges from a long-standing tradition of contemplative creative interaction with nature and life.
TERESA CULLEN - Vessel of Wishes
Vessel of Wishes
32 x 40 in.  
Oil on Board
Wasaga Blue
48 x 48 in.  
Oil on Board
TERESA CULLEN - Mystery Below
Mystery Below
40 x 40 in.  
Oil on Board
TERESA CULLEN - Wasaga - Deep Green
Wasaga - Deep Green
48 x 60 in.  
Oil on Board
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